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Company Industry City State Revenue
Computer & Network SecurityCapital FederalBuenos Aires$0 - 1M
Information Technology and ServicesRecoletaBuenos Aires CIty$1 - 10M
Capital FederalBuenos Aires
Health, Wellness and FitnessCapital FederalBuenos Aires$0 - 1M
Agencia de Marketing Online - Santa Fe - Argentina
InternetSanta FeSanta fe$1 - 10M
FarmingCiudad Buenos AiresCapital Federal$1 - 10M
Human Resources$0 - 1M
Information Technology and ServicesRafaelaSanta Fe$1 - 10M
Industria farmacéutica
R.N. Online
Oil & Energy
Pharmaceuticals$0 - 1M
Capital FederalBuenos Aires
Mining & MetalsSan NicolasBuenos Aires$0 - 1M
Computer SoftwareMar del PlataBuenos Aires$1 - 10M
Wine and SpiritsMendoza$0 - 1M
Buenos Aires
Events ServicesCiudad Autnoma de Buenos AiresCiudad Autnoma de Buenos Aires$1 - 10M
Information Technology and ServicesBuenos Aires
FarmingCABABuenos Aires
InternetMartinezBuenos Aires$1 - 10M
Investment Managementprovincia de Buenos AiresBuenos Aires$0 - 1M
Food Production
Airlines/AviationBuenos AiresCiudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires$0 - 1M
Human ResourcesBuenos AiresBuenos Aires$0 - 1M
Buenos Aires
TandilBuenos Aires
Information Technology and ServicesMartinez, Buenos AiresBuenos Aires$0 - 1M
Information Technology and ServicesCapital FederalBuenos Aires$0 - 1M
Entertainment$1 - 10M
BiotechnologyGrand BourgNONE$1 - 10M
Cuko | Ideas para un mundo digital
Marketing and AdvertisingVicente LopezBuenos Aires$1 - 10M
Buenos AiresBuenos Aires
Program DevelopmentCordobaCordoba$10 - 50M
Graphic Design$0 - 1M
TelecommunicationsCiudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires
Information Technology and ServicesAutnoma de Buenos AiresAutnoma de Buenos Aires$1 - 10M
Law PracticeCiudad Autnoma de Buenos Aires$1 - 10M
Tracnova SA
Tracnova SA
La PlataBuenos Aires
Civic & Social Organization$0 - 1M
Computer HardwareBuenos Aires$10 - 50M
Management ConsultingMendozaMendoza$0 - 1M
Food ProductionJesus MariaCordoba$10 - 50M
Luis GuillonBuenos Aires
Electrical/Electronic ManufacturingRosarioSanta Fe$0 - 1M
Government Administration$0 - 1M
BankingC.A.B.A.C.A.B.A.$1 - 10M
Marketing and AdvertisingBuenos AiresBuenos Aires$0 - 1M
Marketing and AdvertisingMadridMadrid$1 - 10M
MachineryBuenos AiresBuenos Aires$50 - 100M
Electrical/Electronic ManufacturingDon TorcuatoBuenos Aires$1 - 10M
Information Technology and ServicesCapital FederalBuenos Aires$0 - 1M
MaritimeBuenos Aires
Logistics and Supply ChainCABABuenos Aires$100 - 250M
Professional Training & CoachingCapitalBs As$1 - 10M
Human ResourcesCiudad Autonoma de Buenos Aires$50 - 100M
Buenos AiresBuenos Aires
Civic & Social OrganizationBuenos Aires
International Trade and DevelopmentCapital FederalCapital Federal$1 - 10M
EntertainmentBuenos AiresCiudad de Buenos Aires$0 - 1M
$0 - 1M
Design$0 - 1M
Limeres, Attorneys
Limeres, Attorneys
Limeres Attorneys, Buenos Aires Argentina Law Firm. Lawyers - Attorneys
Law PracticeBuenos Aires$1 - 10M
Management Consulting
Information Technology and ServicesCrdobaCrdoba$0 - 1M
Capital Federal
Events ServicesCordobaCordoba$1 - 10M
Primary/Secondary Education$10 - 50M
Broadcast MediaBuenos Aires$1 - 10M
Import and ExportBuenos AiresBuenos Aires$1 - 10M
Legal ServicesCiudad Autnoma de Buenos AiresCABA$10 - 50M
Marketing and AdvertisingBuenos Aires$1 - 10M
Food & BeveragesCiudad Autonoma de Buenos Aires$10 - 50M
FarmingJunnBuenos Aires$0 - 1M
Consumer ElectronicsCapital FederalProvincia de Buenos Aires$1 - 10M
RanchingAtucha ZrateBuenos Aires$1 - 10M
Events ServicesBuenos AiresBuenos Aires$0 - 1M
Electrical/Electronic ManufacturingTigreBuenos Aires$1 - 10M
Medical PracticeCABA--------$0 - 1M
InternetAvellanedaBuenos Aires$0 - 1M
Ramdileo (Servicios Informaticos)
Ramdileo (Servicios Informaticos)
???RAMDILEO??? (Servicios Inform???ticos)
CastelarBuenos Aires
Management ConsultingBernalBS. AS.$0 - 1M
Hospital & Health Care
ResearchWildeBuenos Aires$10 - 50M
Information Technology and ServicesCiudad Autónoma de Buenos AiresBuenos Aires
Information Technology and ServicesBanfieldBuenos Aires$0 - 1M
Management ConsultingVilla Carlos PazCrdoba$0 - 1M
Facilities ServicesSan JuanSan Juan$10 - 50M
Graphic DesignBuenos Aires$0 - 1M
Human ResourcesCap.Fed.$1 - 10M
Legal ServicesCiudad de Buenos AiresCiudad de Buenos Aires (CABA)$0 - 1M
Museums and InstitutionsBuenos Aires$1 - 10M
BAUTISTA HEGUY. Website oficial
CABABuenos Aires
Computer SoftwareFloridaBuenos Aires$10 - 50M
Buenos Aires
Law PracticeBuenos Aires$1 - 10M
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