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Company Industry City State Revenue
Druckerei WIRmachenDRUCK - Sie sparen, wir drucken!
PrintingBacknangBaden-Württemberg$10 - 50M
Events ServicesStuttgartBaden-Württemberg$100 - 250M
Compart AG
Compart AG
Compart - Document & Content Technology Solutions
Computer SoftwareBöblingenBaden-Württemberg$10 - 50M
EnBW Energie Baden-Württemberg AG
EnBW Energie Baden-Württemberg AG
Strom- und Gasanbieter für private Haushalte - EnBW AG
Oil & EnergyKarlsruheBW> $1B
State University Baden-Württemberg Mannheim
State University Baden-Württemberg Mannheim
DHBW Mannheim: Duale Hochschule Baden-Württemberg Mannheim
Higher EducationMannheim$100 - 250M
United Planet Corp
United Planet Corp
Intrexx - Your Digital Workplace Software - United Planet
Information Technology and ServicesFreiburgBaden Württemberg$1 - 10M
GFN Startseite
Professional Training & CoachingHeidelbergBaden-Württemberg$10 - 50M
Flagbit GmbH & Co. KG
Flagbit GmbH & Co. KG
E-Commerce Agentur - Flagbit
InternetKarlsruheBaden!-Württemberg$1 - 10M
Omikron Data Quality GmbH
Omikron Data Quality GmbH | Omikron Data Quality GmbH - Datenqualit??t in Stammdaten sicherstellen
Computer SoftwarePforzheimBaden-Württemberg$10 - 50M
Full-Service-Internetagentur avenit AG aus Offenburg
InternetOffenburgBaden-Württemberg$1 - 10M
TextilesBönnigheimBaden-Württemberg$50 - 100M
Mechanical or Industrial EngineeringAitrachBaden-Württemberg$10 - 50M
Dr. Kraus & Partner
Dr. Kraus & Partner
Unternehmensberatung | Dr. Kraus & Partner
Management ConsultingBruchsalBaden-Württemberg$10 - 50M
Industrial AutomationStuttgartBaden-Württemberg$1 - 10M
Education ManagementStuttgartBaden-Württemberg$1 - 10M
ConstructionSüßenBaden-Württemberg$50 - 100M
Management ConsultingBrettenBaden-Württemberg$50 - 100M
Media ProductionStuttgartBaden-Württemberg$1 - 10M
InternetKarlsruheBaden-Württemberg$0 - 1M
M&M Software GmbH
M&M Software GmbH
Industrielle und technische Softwareentwicklung und L??sungen | M&M Software GmbH
Computer SoftwareSt. GeorgenBaden-Württemberg$10 - 50M
Information Technology and ServicesFreiburgBaden-Württemberg$1 - 10M
Computer HardwareGruibingenBaden-Württemberg$1 - 10M
Marketing and AdvertisingRavensburgBaden-Württemberg$0 - 1M
NanotechnologyKarlsruheBaden-Württemberg$1 - 10M
Computer SoftwarePforzheimBaden-Württemberg$1 - 10M
Real EstateStuttgartBaden Württemberg$0 - 1M
Studio Soi
Studio Soi
Studio Soi
AnimationLudwigsburgBaden-Württemberg$1 - 10M
Information Technology and ServicesReutlingenBaden-Württemberg$1 - 10M
Electrical/Electronic ManufacturingAdelbergBaden-Württemberg$10 - 50M
Marketing and AdvertisingMannnheimBaden-Württemberg$0 - 1M
RTS Rieger Team Werbeagentur GmbH
RTS Rieger Team Werbeagentur GmbH
RTS Rieger Team - Die B2B-Agentur
Marketing and AdvertisingLeinfelden-EchterdingenBaden-Württemberg$10 - 50M
Computer SoftwareUlmBaden-Württemberg$1 - 10M
Information Technology and ServicesTübingenBaden-Württemberg$0 - 1M
fun communications GmbH
fun communications GmbH - This website is for sale! - fun Resources and Information.
Information Technology and ServicesKarlsruheBaden-Württemberg$1 - 10M
Information Technology and ServicesOberndorfBaden-Württemberg$1 - 10M
Public Relations and CommunicationsÜberlingenBaden-Württemberg$1 - 10M
Mechanical or Industrial EngineeringStuttgartBaden-Württemberg$1 - 10M
Alternative MedicineStuttgart-OstBaden-Württemberg$0 - 1M
BCM Solutions GmbH
BCM Solutions GmbH
bcm solutions | softwarel??sungen, die begeistern
Information ServicesStuttgartBaden-Württemberg$1 - 10M
Marketing and AdvertisingKarlsruheBaden-Württemberg$1 - 10M
Industrial AutomationBuchenBaden-Württemberg$1 - 10M
Computer SoftwareIlsfeldBaden-Württemberg$1 - 10M
Information Technology and ServicesConstanceBaden-Württemberg$0 - 1M
Marketing and AdvertisingDitzingen (Stuttgart)Baden-Württemberg$100 - 250M
InternetKünzelsauBaden-Württemberg$0 - 1M
Public Relations and CommunicationsStuttgartBaden-Württemberg$0 - 1M
Marketing and AdvertisingMannheimBaden-Württemberg$1 - 10M
imitrix GmbH
imitrix GmbH
imitrix | Perfect User Experience - High Performance Mobile and Cloud Solutions
Computer SoftwareKarlsruheBaden Württemberg$10 - 50M
Marketing and AdvertisingAspachBaden-Württemberg$0 - 1M
Information Technology and ServicesHeidelbergBaden-Württemberg$0 - 1M
Computer SoftwareFellbachBaden-Württemberg$1 - 10M
Information Technology and ServicesBöblingenBaden-Württemberg$1 - 10M
DesignKarlsruheBaden Württemberg$0 - 1M
Computer NetworkingMannheimBaden-Württemberg$0 - 1M
Human ResourcesSchwetzingenBaden-Württemberg$0 - 1M
Information Technology and ServicesStutenseeBaden-Württemberg$0 - 1M
DesignFellbachBaden-Württemberg$0 - 1M
Information Technology and ServicesKarlsruheBaden-Württemberg$0 - 1M
Information Technology and ServicesOberkirchBaden-Württemberg$0 - 1M
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